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Photographic Competition 2016

Many thanks to Marion Chappell for her sterling work in running the Photographic Competition for the last few years. Since being asked to take over this role, I have given a great deal of thought to the following changes to the rules with effect from 2016. These changes have been discussed in committee and also at the 2015 AGM, where the majority of members have been agreeable. The major competition changes involve the cessation of the both the Novice Class and the Mobile Phone Class. The reasoning behind this is that virtually everyone is capable of taking a good picture and it is felt that there is no need to distinguish between a so-called beginner and a more experienced photographer; nor the type of camera being used.

Further, for those members who do not want to have their pictures judged in the various competition classes, a new section called "Show and Tell" has been introduced. Over the years, comments have been made by members that they consider their wild flower related pictures are not good enough to be judged. This is a shame because it would be lovely to see them. To make this section more interesting, those members attending the AGM will be asked to vote for their favourite picture in the "Shoot and Show" section on a voting slip provided. The winner will receive a small prize donated by me.

The Violet Schwerdt cup will be awarded to the competition’s overall best entry and will be awarded for a maximum of three times. It is regretted that there will not be any class devoted to digital only entries because we do not have the equipment to display them at the AGM.

Notes on the Production of your Photographs:

Some members who would wish to submit their photographs do have difficulty in producing a photo that they would consider to be of an acceptable quality. This could either be because their printing equipment is sub-standard or they have difficulty in finding a suitable printing company. To overcome this, I am prepared to assist by having your photographs printed to a good quality by a local company who use their laser printer. However, and I stress, that your photographs can only be printed on A4 stiff paper (not photographic paper) and I can only accept your digital images at full size (do not attempt to reduce them digitally) sent to me by post on a DVD or a memory stick. Please do NOT send any images to me by email. I will require these images to be received by the advertised date, and no later. This will give me time to arrange to have them printed for you. Please ensure that your full details are associated with these images. I cannot alter your images in any way (digitally enhance, crop, border, etc) Please enclose £1 per image to cover the printing costs; this can be sent in the form of mint postage stamps if convenient to you. This offer will be only on an experimental basis.

The Rules

The Photographic Competition is open to all members of The Wild Flower Society. Please don’t submit exact or similar images across the classes. The photographer’s name and address should be clearly written on the reverse of the photograph along with the class number for which it is being entered e.g. Class 1, Class 2, etc. The photograph will not be eligible without this information. In addition, although not compulsory, a telephone number and/or an email address are useful as well as any information regarding the photograph itself, i.e. what camera was used, what printer and what paper was used. These latter details are of interest to the viewer. Photographs submitted must be no smaller than 125mm x 175. (5” x 7”) and no larger than 210mm x 380mm (12” x 15”).

The photographs should be mounted on card with or without a border. This helps to stop the photograph from curling during display.

Each entrant can submit up to three photographs per class. The photographs will be judged by myself and two other members of WFS (or suitable other person) whom I can persuade to assist me!

Photographs of only vascular plants in their flowering, vegetative or fruiting stage are permitted along with ferns and allies such as club-mosses, quillworts and horsetails. Photographs of fungi or bryophytes are excluded. In The Human Element class, there are no restrictions of subject matter – the class title being self-explanatory.

Please ensure that any person(s) involved in the photograph gives their permission for it to be entered and displayed. In the Foreign Fields class, it is not enough to photograph a foreign plant. I want to see the ‘foreignness’ of the plant in its habitat in the picture.

In order to assist me, please do try to submit your photographs by the closing date to be announced in the summer magazine. Provided that suitable postage is included I will return your photograph(s) within four weeks of the AGM.

If you wish me to notify you of your placing in the competition, please be sure to provide your email address.

The Classes

1 Habitat

A photograph of a plant or plant community within its environment or locality.

2 Plant Portrait

A photograph of a plant that illustrates its uniqueness while at the same time revealing something of its 'character' - whatever that character might be.

3 Close-up

A photograph that reveals in a more scientific way the uniqueness of a plant by a close-up photograph.

4 Foreign Fields

A photograph of a plant or plant community that is clearly seen to be growing in a foreign country.

5 Human Element

A photograph that concentrates on botanical/personalities and/or their activities. Please ask any person involved for their permission to submit the picture.

Photographic Competition Manager: Ken Southall 2016

Added by Peter Llewellyn 5th March 2016

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