Photographic Competition 2013

As in 2012, all photos submitted to the web site, have been included not simply the winners in each group. Some photos may have been cropped for width in order to fit the screen others have been adjusted for colour as the scanning process sometimes distorts the original. If you have an entry published here and believe that your original digital photo is better then you can send it to thewildflowersociety at as an attachment and it will be used instead of the one shown here. On a computer screen landscape photos tend to look better than portrait so some have been changed to landscape where the photo allows that but the competition was for mounted prints in either format. The original idea of publishing smaller photos was to enable those with dial-up connections to see the photos without waiting too long but as dial-up connections have all but disappeared only large photos are displayed this year.

This year there was more than one photographs of a plant which, since they are not labelled with the names of the photographer, has led to guesswork on my part (Peter Llewellyn: Web site manager). Let me know if any are wrongly attributed.

Main Classes

Novice Classes

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