The Wild Flower Society is the only national society created specifically for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in the UK.  We are a friendly group who like to meet up throughout the summer months to see and photograph British wild plants in their natural habitats. The Society has been running for over a century and proudly boasts a number of very eminent botanists and academics amongst our ranks with at least fourteen members having plants named after them!

lactuca tartaric small

Lactuca tartarica Russian Lettuce

Llandudno west shore dunes summer 2017

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Lactuca tartarica (Russian Lettuce)

Llandudno west shore dunes summer 2017

But there are also many enthusiastic flower-lovers who just come along to learn more about field botany and generally enjoy being outdoors with like-minded individuals.

Please feel free to browse around our website - if you are interested in British and Irish wild flowers you are in the right place!


Every year The Wild Flower Society supports many different wild flower related projects including regional Floras, workshops, field courses and so on. More details and links to grant application details can be found here: Wild Flower Society Grants

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