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.... to the Wild Flower Society's website. We are a national society created specifically for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in Britain and Ireland. During the spring, summer and early autumn months we hold field meetings where local leaders conduct guided walks which show off wild plants in their natural habitats.

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Hogweed  (Heracleum sphondylium) A common native plant which causes some people to fear it so much they cut it down. But it does little harm. Read more here

The Wild Flower Society has been running since 1886 and proudly boasts a number of very eminent botanists and academics amongst its ranks with at least fourteen members having plants named after them. But there are also many enthusiastic, amateur flower-lovers who just come along to learn more about field botany and generally enjoy being outdoors with like-minded individuals. We have no particular aspiration to scientific endeavour, our meetings are purely for the pleasure of seeing and getting to know the wild plants around us.

If we have a specialty, it is helping beginners to know their plants. Our field meetings, which are held all over the country, are where many of us started to explore the flora of the British Isles. Our leaders and members as happy using the common names of plants as they are with the Latin.

Please feel free to browse our website - if you are interested getting to know British and Irish wild flowers you are in the right place!

            Society News

2020 Field Meetings

Unfortunately, all of our planned meetings for 2020 have had to be abandoned because of the Covid 19 epidemic.

2020 Members' Weekend

Similarly, our Annual General meeting at Margham near Port Talbot, has also had to be cancelled. However, we are as a charity required to have some sort of meeting to approve accounts, re-elect officers at least. See news item below.

Accounts for year ending 2019

Our accounts are usually approved at the September A.G.M. which has been cancelled. We do have audited accounts produced by our treasurer Mr Robin Blades which have been circulated to members via the magazine.

Website sub-committee

Our website needs an overhaul and probably a new design by professionals. We have set up a website subcommittee to look into this. The sub committee has now finished its deliberations and a consultation paper has been seen by the WFS executive committee. We are now preparing a submission to give to various possible web site developers. The main requirement is better graphic design, multiple contributors to the web site through a content management system and improved compatibility with tablets and mobile devices.

Meetings of the Executive Committee

The continuing Covid 19 pandemic means that we are not able to meet physically in November in London as usual and so the normal business of the society will be conducted via Zoom meetings.

Meetings for 2021

Our meetings officer Janet John, is currently working on a full programme of meetings for 2021. Many, we hope, will be the same ones advertised for 2020 but some changes are inevitable. The conditions under which we runs these meetings will probably have to change too. We may have to limit numbers more than usual and take special steps to minimise infection risk even if the pandemic is reduced by Spring and Summer 2021.

New Index Page for our website

As you can see, the front page of our site, known as the index page, has been changed. This is in preparation for our submission to a professional web developer company who will introduce various advanced features such as content management. At present all the coding and many of the sub pages in the WFS web site were written by Peter Llewellyn but the site is now too large for one person to manage on his or her own.

Content management will allow several people to contribute to the web site. Some pages, including the index page have very recently been modified so they can be read more easily on mobile devices. At present the main pages have been modified but many of the others have not.

       Autumn   and   Winter   flowering plants you might find

Some will flower all winter, others are summer plants which continue until the first hard frosts.

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