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.... to the Wild Flower Society's website. We are a national society created specifically for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in Britain and Ireland. During the spring, summer and early autumn months we hold field meetings where local leaders conduct guided walks which show off wild plants in their natural habitats.


Orchids in May, June and July

The Wild Flower Society has been running since 1886 and proudly boasts a number of very eminent botanists and academics amongst its ranks with at least fourteen members having plants named after them. But there are also many enthusiastic, amateur flower-lovers who just come along to learn more about field botany and generally enjoy being outdoors with like-minded individuals. We have no particular aspiration to scientific endeavour, our meetings are purely for the pleasure of seeing and getting to know the wild plants around us.

If we have a specialty, it is helping beginners to know their plants. Our field meetings, which are held all over the country, are where many of us started to explore the flora of the British Isles. Our leaders and members as happy using the common names of plants as they are with the Latin.

Please feel free to browse our website - if you are interested getting to know British and Irish wild flowers you are in the right place!

Society News

Covid protocols for Members' Weekend: Sept 3rd to Sept 6th 2021

The final arrangements for the Members' Weekend have been negotiated with Margam Discovery centre. Please read them here

Details of Members' Weekend: Sept 3rd to Sept 6th 2021

The detailed (but provisional) arrangements for our annual Members' Weekend including events, sites to visited times and dates can be found here

Cancellation of 2021 Photo Competition

As the final decision on whether to hold the AGM will not be made until the middle of August, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s photo competition.

All about Members' Weekend and Photo Competition

Members' Weekend and AGM 2021

Latest news about our Annual Member's Weekend and vacancies at Port Talbot FSC can be found here

Web Site Development

We have appointed Red Paint Web Design to create our new website. They will work with Helen Dignum who is overseeing the transfer of web site activity from this current site run by Peter Llewellyn to a new professionally designed and coded site which can be updated and accessed by several members using a conetnt management system. They expect to show us designs in the summer and it could be up and running in November.

Wild Flowers for the Queen

In our winter edition of the Wild Flower Society magazine (No. 514) our president, Professor Sir Ghillean T. Prance FRS VMH, wrote a review of a new book brought out in honour of the Queen's 60th anniversary since her 1953 coronation.

"Wildflowers for the Queen" celebrates the creation of new wild flower meadows from seed donated by owners of the meadows illustrated in this book. It isn't a book for specialist botanists but one of general interest to all who value the wild flowers of our countryside.

Wild Flower Society members can see more about this book here: Hugo Rittson Photography.

The Third Virtual Meeting Video

The third in our series of six virtual zoom meetings took place on March 16th given by Peter Llewellyn. "Seeking the Snowdon Lily" is now available (from 19/03/21) for those who missed it, on our YouTube channel. WFS YouTube Channel.

New Video!

The second in our series of six virtual zoom meetings took place on February 23rd given by Lyn Jones. "Botanical walks in the Engadine" is now available (from 01/03/21) for those who missed it, on our YouTube channel. WFS YouTube Channel.

More Zoom events

More and more organisations are using platforms like Zoom, Eventbrite, Teams etc. to connect about Natural History at a time when we can't get outside or even have confidence to book holidays. Our new Parnassus 2 secretary, Paul Harmes, is one of the contributors to Webinars on Zoom about Botany and Butterflies run by Naturetrek. They are free to anyone who wishes to join. Details here:

Botany and Butterflies Part 1 on 25th February

Botany and Butterflies Part 2 on 8th March

WFS on YouTube

Our first virtual meeting about Holy Island was recorded. We have now set up a Wild Flower Society YouTube channel to make these meetings available to members who missed them or anyone interested after the event. You need an address because searching "The Wild Flower Society" doesn't always get you to the right place. Wild Flower Society members can get the address from Janet John or Peter Llewellyn.

If you aren't a member then why not join, cost for an adult is only £10 p.a. and includes 4 quarterly magazines as well as these virtual meetings.

Breaking News 18/02/21: Our new YouTube channel has been up and running for only 6 days now and has received 53 views of the Holy Island video!"

Virtual Meetings 2021

As you may know from the magazine, our meetings list for 2021 has now been published. This time we have included "virtual meetings" which any member can attend using Zoom. The first of these took place on January 28th. It was about the plants of Holy Island given by Chris Metherell. Feedback from members tells us that it was a big success with 86 people attending the meeting. These meetings were Janet John's (our WFS meetings secretary) idea and it wasn't at all certain how many would see them as useful. Brilliant idea Janet! And big thanks to Chris who started us on this journey.

Meetings 2021

The field meetings list for 2021 is now on site. The arragements for booking are different from usual. Please read instructions carefully.

Winter Months Hunt 2019

The list of species found in the Winter Months Hunt for 2019 is now available under the "Downloads" page. The link is at the bottom of the home page.

Accounts for year ending 2019

Our accounts are usually approved at the September A.G.M. which was cancelled. The Executive committee met on November 14th using Zoom and Sheila reported that the accounts had been approved by WFS members in the recent ballot sent in the magazine. We have under spent by approximately £7,000 because of cancellations caused by the the epidemic.

Meetings of the Executive Committee

As you may have read in this news column, the Executive committee met using Zoom on November 14th. The society's officers were re-elected unopposed again through a ballot of the WFS membership. We may have to use Zoom on more occasions so the society has approved the use of Zoom pro which will cost about £120 per year and has no time limitations. The Wild Flower Society's Executive Committee:

  • Peter Llewellyn (Chair)
  • Sheila Wynn (General Secretary)
  • Robin Blades (Treasurer)
  • Janet John (Meetings Secretary)
  • Anne Kell (Magazine Editor)
  • Nichola Hawkins (Publicity Secretary)
  • Nicola Dixon (Liaison Officer)
  • John Swindells
  • Roger Heath-Brown
  • Pauline Wilson
  • Helen Dignum


At a further Zoom meeting on November 15th, the executive committee discussed a proposal paper for a new website. They approved the proposal which will now be used as a basis for getting quotes from various developers to re-create our website professionally such that more than one person can be responsible for, and update various sections.

The Society now has a Facebook page with about 2,200 members run by Peter Llewellyn, Peter Jepson, Dawn Nelson and Moira O'Donnell. a Twitter account run by Nichola Hawkins and will soon have an Instagram account run by Helen Dignum.

2021 Field Meetings

As you know, all of our planned meetings for 2020 were abandoned because of the Covid 19 epidemic. The good news is that many leaders have agreed to offer them again in 2021. More detail later.

2021 Members' Weekend

Similarly, our Annual General meeting at Margam near Port Talbot, was cancelled. We have re-booked the same centre (Margam in South Wales) for 2021.

Talking point

Hogweed image

Hogweed  (Heracleum sphondylium) A common native plant which causes some people to fear it so much they cut it down. But it does little harm. Read more here

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