Name changes to plants in Stace edition 3

The third edition of New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace has now been published. There are changes to the rarity status (R, RR and RRR) of some plants because the definitions of these have been changed but more importantly there are many changes to the botanical names of plants. This is a first attempt at identifying the changes to plant names in the WFS diary. These changes are also shown on the Illustrated Diary pages but not yet on the others. I will add other name changes which are not among the 1000 common plants in the WFS diary as I discover them. Any plant which is in the main section of Stace Edition 3 can be counted for WFS diary purposes and there are many more entries than in Edition 2 or 1.

Some of the changes such as those in the Orchidaceae were expected because the work which led to the proposed name changes was completed in the late 90s. Other changes such as from Rosa pimpinellifolia to Rosa spinosissima were made shortly after we published the diary. We have published a complete list of plant names which is derived from the BSBI2007 list and that already has some of the changes on the list below.

A number of name changes appear to resurrect names we once used like Carex demissa for Yellow sedge but others are extremely puzzling like Monotropa hypopitys changing to Hypopitys monotropa.

No Common Name Old name in WFS Diary New name in Stace Ed 3 Diary Comments
1 Man Orchid Aceras anthropophorum Orchis anthropophora 1 Expected: Bateman et al 1997
2 Yellow Sedge Carex viridula Carex demissa 17 Welcome back old friend
3 Rustyback Ceterach officinarum Asplenium officinarum 19  
4 Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum segetum Glebionis segetum 21 Glebionis used in Europe for ages
5 Lesser Swine-cress Coronopus didymus Lepidium didymum 23  
6 Swine-cress Coronopus squamatus Lepidium coronopus 23  
7 Blue Fleabane Erigeron acer Erigeron acris 31  
8 Tall Fescue Festuca arundinacea Schedonorus arundinaceus 33  
9 Giant Fescue Festuca gigantea Schedonorus giganteus 35  
10 Meadow Fescue Festuca pratensis Schedonorus pratensis 35  
11 Hedge Bedstraw Galium mullogo Galium album 37  
12 Meadow Oat-grass Helictotrichon pratense Avenula pratensis 41  
13 Downy Oat-grass Helictotrichon pubescens Avenula pubescens 41  
14 Hybrid Bluebell Hyacinthoides hispanica x H. non scripta Hyacinthoides x massartiana 43 Known for some time
15 Tree-mallow Lavatera arborea Malva arborea 49 Lots of changes in Malva/Lavatera
16 Autumn Hawkbit Leontodon autumnalis Scorzoneroides autumnalis 49  
17 Lesser Tawyblade Listera cordata Neottia cordata 51 Expected: Bateman et al 1997
18 Twayblade Listera ovata Neottia ovata 51 Expected: Bateman et al 1997
19 Trailing Azalea Loiseleuria procumbens Kalmia procumbens 51  
20 Ragged Robin Lychnis  flos-cuculis Silene flos-cuculi 53 Lychnis has become Silene
21 Apple Malus domestica Malus pumila 55  
22 Scented Mayweed Matricaria recutita Matricaria chamomilla 55  
23 Yellow Bird's-nest Monotropa hypopitys Hypopitys monotropa 57 My favourite change
24 Green-winged Orchid Orchis morio Anacamptis morio 61 Expected: Bateman et al 1997
25 Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogallum angustifolium Ornithogallum umbellatum ssp campestre 63  
26 Hart's-tongue Phyllitis scolopendrium Asplenium scolopendrium 65  
27 Bristly Ox-tongue Picris echioides Helminthotheca echioides 65 What a mouthful
28 Marsh Cinquefoil Potentilla¬† palustris Comarum palustre 69  
29 Lesser Celandine Ranunculus ficaria Ficaria verna ssp fertilis 73 Published in BSBI news
30 Narrow-fruited Water-cress Rorippa microphylla Nasturtium microphyllum 75  
31 Water-cress Rorippa officinale Nasturtium officinale 75  
32 Burnet Rose Rosa pimpinellifolia Rosa spinosissima 75 Known for some time
33 Salad Burnet Sanguisorba minor Poterium sanguisorba 81 Haven't we met before in the 80s?
34 Sea Wormwood Seriphidium maritimum Artemisia maritima 83 Old name
35 Betony Stachys officinalis Betonica officinalis 89 Old name
36 Bog Stitchwort Stellaria uliginosa Stellaria alsine 89 Known for some time
37 Sea Arrow-grass Triglochin maritimum Triglochin maritima 93 Looks like a typographic error....
38 Marsh Arrow-grass Triglochin palustre Triglochin palustris 93 ... until you see this one has also changed

Other name changes

No Common Name Old name in WFS Diary New name in Stace Ed 3 Diary Comments
39 Hybrid Monk's-hood Aconitum x cammarum Aconitum x stoerkianum    
40 Rough Mallow Althaea hirsuta Malva setigera    
41 Northern Rock-cress Arabis petraea Arabidopsis petraea    
42 Tower Mustard Arabis glabra Turritis glabra    
43 Tower Cress Arabis turritis Pseudoturritis turrita    
44 Guernsey Fern x Asplenophyllitis microdon Asplenium x microdon    
45 Shrub Ragwort Brachyglottis "Sunshine" Brachyglottis x jubar    
46 White Sedge Carex curta Carex canescens    
46 Oval Sedge Carex ovalis Carex leporina    
46 Long-stalked Yellow-sedge Carex viridula ssp brachyrrincha Carex lepidocarpa    
46 Small-fruited Yellow-sedge Carex viridula ssp viridula Carex oederi    

Added on 28th Apr 10, updated 1st May 10