Wild Flower Society Field Meetings 2014

We still need a Meetings’ Secretary. Any offers? Members wishing to attend a meeting should contact the leader direct. Members who do not drive and who have difficulty reaching the starting point of either Main or One-day events should contact the leader. Packed lunches are required unless otherwise stated and will usually need to be carried. Please DO NOT bring dogs to any meeting as some landowners do not like them on their property. All those attending WFS Field Meetings do so at their own risk.

Main Field Meetings 2014

Thursday 24th April & Friday 25th April 2014 Jersey. Leader: Anne Haden

On Thursday 24th April we shall meet at Le Charriere car park in St Ouen at 10.00am and head off into the sand dunes. There we should find Hornungia petraea (Hutchinsia), Mibora minima (Early Sand Grass), Anacamptis morio (Green-winged Orchid) and Viola kitaibeliana (Dwarf Pansy). After lunch at Le Braye café we will move to another sandy area nearby where we hope to find Romulea columnae (Sand Crocus), Crassula pubescens (Jersey Pigmyweed) and Cerastium semidecandrum (Little Mouse-ear).

On Friday 25th April we will meet at the car park by Hotel Phare at Corbiere at 10.00am and hunt for Ranunculus paludosus (Jersey Buttercup) and Orobanche rapum-genistae (Greater Broomrape). Other plants we might find include Vicia lathyroides (Spring Vetch), Poa infirma (Early Meadow-grass) and Trifolium ornithopodioides (Bird’s-foot Clover).

Further trips will be available over the weekend if anyone wishes to stay on beyond the Thursday and Friday on a come and find basis. Please contact Anne Haden on Anne Haden or Telephone 01534 861796.

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th June 2014. Malham, North Yorkshire Leader: Sheila Wynn.

Shiela will be helped by Phyl Abbot, Julie Clarke and Briand Burrows for Hieracia. Limited to 16 participants.

Mires and meadows, flushes and fens, limestone cliffs and pavement (weather permitting). This meeting will be similar to that in early June 2006, reported in the Wild Flower Magazine, autumn 2006. We should see Primula farinosa (Bird’s-eye Primrose), Asplenium viride (Green Spleenwort), Equisetum variegatum (Variegated Horsetail), Cirsium heterophyllum (Melancholy Thistle), Sesleria caerulea (Blue Moor-grass), as well as several Alchemillas (Lady’s-mantles), sedges and pondweeds.

Contact Shiela by e-mail on Sheila Wynn

Thursday 17th July and Friday 18th July 2014 Somerset Levels. Leader: Stephen Parker

11.00 am Thursday 17th July: Southlake Moor for aquatic plants of ditches, expect to see Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Frogbit), Sium latifolium (Greater Water-parsnip), Potamogeton trichoides (Hairlike Pondweed), Oenanthe fistulosa (Tubular Water-dropwort) Butomus umbellatus (Flowering-rush) and many more. Bring pack lunch, walking boots and wellingtons and a grapnel if you have one. Meeting Point – Burrowbridge NT car park at ST360305

To book contact: e-mail Stephen Parker or tel. 01823 666006.

11.00 am Friday 18th July: Catcott Fen for a wide range of fenland species including Peucedanum palustre (Milk-parsley), Myrica gale (Bog-myrtle), Thelypteris palustris (Marsh Fern) and Cladium mariscus (Great Fen-sedge). Bring pack lunch, walking boots and wellingtons. Meeting point Natural Reserve car park ST400417.

To book contact: e-mail Stephen Parker or tel. 01823 666006.

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th September 2014 Annual General Meeting London. Full details later in the year

One Day Meetings

Bookings are not always required but are frequently asked for by the leader. Leaders of one day meetings which start from April 2014 onwards may not finalise lists of participants until the 31st March 2014 deadline has passed to enable those without internet connections to have an equal chance of a place on a one day meeting. To make contact with a leader who uses email, click on the name in green. Otherwise use the telephone number or address if published here. If you know someone without an internet connection who might like to attend a very early meeting then let them know the details as the Spring magazine may be too late for meetings before April.

Sunday 2nd March 2014: First Spring Hunt Bungay, Suffolk Leader: Stephen Clarkson

Meet at 10.30am at the Wharton Street car park opposite Bungay Library, TM 336 896 (OS map 156). There is a toilet near the car park. Bungay has a new one way system. If you approach the town from the A143 follow the system along Trinity Street, turn into Wharton Street and the car park is at the junction with Wharton Street and Lower Olland Street. Bungay is a pleasant town with a river walk and several old churches so we should find plenty of interest.

For details please contact Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

First week in March 2014. Branch N3. A Spring Hunt The North Leader: Julie Clark

Tel on 01539 563504 or e-mail Julie Clarke

First week in April 2014. Branch N3. A Spring Hunt Arnside Knott Leader: Julie Clark

A stroll up Arnside Knott for Viola rupestris (Teesdale Violet) followed by a short drive for Scopolia carniolica (Scopolia) and perhaps Scilla bifolia(Alpine Squill) and S. bithynica(Turkish Squill).

Tel on 01539 563504 or e-mail Julie Clarke

Sunday 13th April 2014: Bradfield Woods. Leader: Ken Southall.

Meet 10.30am Bradfield Woods, Bradfield St George, 8 miles east of Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk. This is the third attempt to see Primula elatior (Oxlip) at their best. We can also, if time permits, see Primula vulgaris (Primrose) and Primula veris (Cowslip) in a nearby wood and churchyard. Suitable footwear should be worn, especially if springtime is wet. Meet at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Bradfield Woods at TL 935581. For details please contact Ken Southall or Tel. 01473 831174 .

Friday 25th April. Come and Find in Center Parcs Elveden Forest, Brandon, Suffolk TL 812803. Leaders: Anne & Dennis Kell with Stephen Clarkson.

Center Parcs holiday village is situated in Breckland, an area of botanical interest and home to several rare species. Center Parcs are keen to encourage botanical diversity. The WFS have been offered the opportunity to monitor the wild flower population inside the park. There is restricted access and we are limited to a maximum of 12 members on each visit. For security we must supply the names of all group members in advance, so we regret it will not be possible to just arrive on the day. Please phone Anne or Dennis Kell on 01473 730087 or e-mail Anne and Dennis at least one week before the visit.

Sunday 27th April 2014 Nunney, Somerset Leader: Gill Read

Joint meeting with the Somerset Rare Plants Group. Meet at 10.30a.m at Nunney Free Car Park ST 734 457. Aconitum nappellus (Monk’s-hood), Symphytum tuberosum (Tuberous Comfrey), Polygonatum multiflorum (Solomon's-seal), are few of the spring plants we should find. Stout footwear needed although walking mainly on the flat but it will be muddy with some obstacles. Limited to 15 persons. We will finish in time for tea in the Nuney teashop and a walk around the picturesque village with its 14th century castle. Please contact Gill Read: Tel. 01373836488 or email Gill Read

Saturday 3rd May 2014 Branch M Rusper, West Sussex Leader: Gareth Bursnall

Hornbeams, Bluebells and Coralroot. Meet at 10.30am in the car park next to Rusper church at TQ 205 374. A pleasant stroll through Hornbeam Woods carpeted with bluebells. In Britain, Hornbeam (meaning hard wood) is only native in southeast England. This beautiful tree was prized for its hard wood used in making windmill cogs and for high quality charcoal. Our walk should see these woods at their best. We hope to see Cardamine bulbifera (Coralroot) along with Lamiastrum galeobdolon (Yellow Archangel) and other spring woodland plants. Please note due to variable spring weather we have been having recently flowers may be late emerging. Bring a packed lunch. Walking boots are recommended as some paths may be quite muddy.

Saturday 17th May 2014 Wombwell Wood, South Yorkshire (VC63) Leaders: Mel & Elaine Linney

Joint meeting with South Yorkshire Botany Group. Meet:10:00am. Meeting Point: Car Park on Woodhead Lane, Wombwell. Grid Ref SE37550205. Nearest postcode S74. From M1 junction 36 take the A6195 (Dearne Valley Parkway) signposted Doncaster. At Wombwell Wood Roundabout take the fist exit onto Woodhead Lane, the car park is a few hundred Metres along the lane on the right. From the A1 junction 37, take the A635 signposted Barnsley. Take the first exit at the Cathill roundabout (approx 6.5 miles) onto the A6195 (Dearne Valley Parkway) signposted Sheffield. At the Wombwell Wood roundabout (approx 4.5 miles and several roundabouts) take the third exit onto Woodhead Lane. This ancient woodland is part of the South Yorkshire Forest, one of a network of England’s Community Forests, a programme established in 1990 by the Countryside Commission. We will be recording SE3702 and SE3802. The main focus will be ancient woodland indicator plants. There is a reservoir used by anglers which once supplied water to the now closed Wombwell Main Colliery and the recently established Upper Woodhead area. The wood is renowned for its bluebells but other plants to look for are Blechnum spicant (Hard-fern), Carex remota (Remote Sedge), Tamus communis (Black Bryony), Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry), Viola riviniana (Common Dog-violet) and a small colony of Arum maculatum (Lords-and-Ladies) not recorded in SE3702. Further information and booking Contact Mel Linney Tel: 01226 211252. Mobile on the day 07514922441 or email Mel Linney

Saturday 24th May 2014, Warley Place, Brentwood, Essex Leader: Stephen Clarkson

Meet in the reserve car park through the gate at TQ 583 906 for 10.30am. I have had several requests to revisit Warley Place, Great Warley, Essex. This is a reserve managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust which used to be the home and gardens of Ellen Willmott, the horticulturist. She developed a collection of thousands upon thousands of plants, but since her death the gardens fell into ruin and nature started to take over the place. However, many plants are well naturalised and are at their best in the spring. For details please contact Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

Sunday 25th May: Nacton, Suffolk Leader: Stephen Clarkson

Meet 10.30am by Nacton Church, TM 217397, please park carefully close to the entrance to the private Orwell Park School. A different kind of meeting today where you will do the work instead. I propose to turn the tables on you this time and for you to identify as many species as possible in the day. You can act as an individual if you wish but I see you as arranging duos and triplets to aid one another. The area covers churchyard, woodland and seashore and should provide a wide range off wild flowers. To add incentive there will be a prize at the end. I envisage this as a challenge to my group in East Anglia, but if there are other interested parties please contact Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

First week in June: Branch N3 Silverdale. Leader: Julie Clarke

Tel on 01539 563504 or e-mail Julie Clarke

Wednesday 11th June 2014 Hothfield Common, Kent Leaders: Derek and Lorna Holland

Meet 10.30am Kent Wildlife Trust Reserve, Cades Road, Hothfield, 3 miles northwest of Ashford along the A20 at TQ 972 458. A walk to see some of the last remaining heath and bogs in Kent, small clovers and Ranunculus tripartitus (Three-lobed Crowfoot). Contact Lorna and Derek on (01622 812583)

Wednesday 11th June 2014 Barley-Mo-Farm for arable weeds Leader: David Bevan

Meet 12.00 Radlett Station. (TQ164998, NR St. Pancras). Joint meeting with London Natural History Society.

Thursday 12th June 2014 Come and Find at Plantlife’s reserve at Ranscombe Farm, Cuxton, Kent. Leader: Mrs Jan Armishaw

Meet at 10.30 at main car park TQ718675 just off the A228 Sundridge Hill, a short distance south of Junction 2 of the M2. Hopefully we will find Agrostemma githago (Corncockle) and Malva setigera (Rough Mallow) and many other chalk- loving delights. Please note that there are no facilities and please bring a packed lunch. Contact Jan on 01227 761204 or e-mail Jan Armishaw for further information. Numbers limited to 20.

Saturday 14th June 2014: Joint meeting with Brecon Wildlife Trust Craig y Cilau, Brecon, Wales Leaders: John Crellin and Stephen Marshall

Meet at 10.00am to about 2.00pm. Cattle grid on the mountain road from Llangattock SO185 168 (parking nearby). To explore the botany of this craggy area, with some rough paths to climb and maybe caves to explore, bring a torch. No facilities. 3-4 miles, moderately difficult walking, bring appropriate gear and lunch. Further information: Stephanie Coates, Conservation Officer, Brecknock Wildlife Trust, Lion House, Bethel Square, Brecon, Powys LD3 7AY. Tel. 01874 625708

Saturday 14th June 2014 Market Weston Fen, Suffolk Leader: Stephen Clarkson, Bill and Carol Hawkins

Meet at Fen St. Hopton TL 978 788 at 10.30am. Please park with great care on roadside verge. Valley fen flora with orchids and sedges as the main interest.

For details please contact Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

Saturday 14th June 2014 Sprotborough, South Yorkshire (VC63) Leaders: Mel and Elaine Linney

Joint Meeting with South Yorkshire Botany Group. Meet: 10:00am. Meeting Place: The Boat inn, Sprotborough, DN5 7NB. Grid ref SE53610143. The Boat inn is about 1.5miles from junction 36 on the A1. Sprotborough is in the Don Gorge which lies within the Magnesian Limestone belt that runs from Northumberland to Nottinghamshire. Plants to look for are Polygala vulgaris (Common Milkwort), Blackstonia perfoliata (Yellow-wort), Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon Grape), Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Common Spotted-orchid), Neottia ovata (Common Twayblade), and perhaps, the first blooms of Anacamptis pyramidalis (Pyramidal Orchid), and Ophrys apifera (Bee Orchid). Further information and booking Contact Mel Linney Tel: 01226 211252. Mobile on the day 07514922441 or email Mel Linney

Sunday 15th June 2014 Hadleigh Country Park, Essex Leader: Stephen Clarkson and Sue Grayston

Meet 10.30am in the car park which can be accessed from Chapel Lane, Hadleigh off the A13 at TQ799869. Just follow the brown road signs marked country park. Please note there is a £2 parking charge. By train the nearest station is Benfleet. This site is well known for all sorts of rarities including Dianthus armeria (Deptford Pink), Lathyrus hirsutus (Hairy Vetchling), Vicia bithynica (Bithynian Vetch) and Tordylium maximum (Hartwort) but there are plenty of other botanical gems to find. Please bring a packed lunch and be aware that this site is on a fairly steep hill. Email Sue Grayston or Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

Sunday 15th June at 2pm Midsummer orchid walk 2014 probably within 8 miles of York: Newton on Derwent Leader : Laura Potts

Meet at the bottom (ie west end) of the lane down to the river - grid ref 706499. It's off the Hull road (A1079) so lots of city buses and Pocklington/East Riding buses. Laura will probably cycle. You can park on the lane, but maybe not if there are lots of us; might then be better to park in the village and walk down. There is a pub in the village. Do tell Laura if you plan to come or not. If I don't hear from a small quorum that they want to by this Friday June 6th, then I will cancel the meeting. Contact Laura Potts (01904 634159. email: Laura Potts to express interest in coming and for more details.

Middle of July 2014: Branch N3 Llay Country Park, Wrexham Leader: Julie Clarke

We hope to see Hypopitys montropa (Yellow Bird’s-nest) and for Parnassus members Neottia ovata var. trifoliata.

Tel on 01539 563504 or e-mail Julie Clarke

Saturday 12th July 2014 at Amberley Brooks Leader: Gareth Bursnall

Branch M. Bring a packed lunch and meet at 10.30am in the station car park at Amberley. TQ 027 117. The station is actually near Houghton Bridge and is not in Amberley Village. A summer meeting to look for freshwater plants in the ditches at Amberley Wild Brooks. We hope to see several species of Potamogeton plus Sagittaria sagittifolia (Arrowhead), Hippuris vulgaris (Mare’s-tail), Butomus umbellatus (Flowering Rush), Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Frogbit), Lathyrus sylvestris (Narrow-leaved Everlasting-pea) and many more. Some paths may be muddy so walking boots are recommended.

Friday 18th July A Come and Find in Center Parcs, Elvedon Forest, near Brandon, Suffolk Leaders: Anne and Dennis Kell with Stephen Clarkson

This will be our second visit – see write-up for Friday 25th April. – to look for later flowering Breckland plants. Maximum of 12 members. For security names must be supplied in advance. Contact: Anne or Dennis Kell on 01473 730087 or e-mail Anne and Dennis Kell

Saturday 19th July: Branch Y and visitors Ringstead Downs, near Hunstanton, Norfolk Leaders: Adrian Winnington and Stephen Clarkson

Meet 10.30am. Park at east end of the Downs just south of Ringstead village at TF707400. Ringstead Downs is a Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve and is the largest area of unimproved chalk grassland in Norfolk. The steep banks of the dry valley should be yellow with Helianthemum nummularium (Common Rock-rose) and we will look for Nepeta cataria (Cat-mint), Asperula cynanchica (Squinancywort), Geranium columbinum (Long-stalked Crane’s-bill) and other calcicoles. We will also try to locate plants of Marrubium vulgare (White Horehound).

For details please contact Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or on 01473 823220.

Saturday 19th July 2014 Lilstock Pill, Somerset Leader : Ro Fitzgerald

Meet 11am at Lilstock Pill car park ST172 451 (marked on Explorer 1:25 000 maps).To look at coastal calcareous grasslands and arable weeds. No rough territory, but the walk will be a circle of approx 8km, weather allowing, carrying lunch. Please contact Ro Fitzgerald Ro Fitzgerald or Tel. 01278 741519

Saturday 26th July 2014: Burham, Kent. Leader: Priscilla Nobbs

Meet 10.30am. Pilgrim's Way, Burham Village Hall Car Park (no toilets), opposite Burham Bakers,TQ729 62l. 'Come and Find' - chalk flora: Epipactus helleborine (Broad-leaved Helleborine); Burham Marshes: Sonchus palustris (Marsh Sowthistle), Althaea officinalis (Marsh-mallow) Just turn up! Priscilla Nobbs: Phone 01293 783071.

Saturday 2nd August Chiddingstone Nature Reserve. Kent. Leader: Stephen Lemon

Meet 10.00 am. Access for parking through the left hand set of double metal gates next to Brickyard Cottage, off the north side of the B2027 (not obvious and easy to miss), one kilometre west of Penshurst train station, TQ51084680. The reserve has a variety of habitats including ponds, marshland, species rich grassland, regenerating scrub and both ancient and secondary woodland. Species present include Utricularia australis (Bladderwort), Carex vesicaria (Bladder Sedge), Achillea ptarmica (Sneezewort), Epilobium palustre (Marsh Willowherb), Scirpus sylvaticus (Wood Club-rush), Oenanthe aquatica (Fine-leaved Water-dropwort) Sorbus torminalis (Wild Service) and Carex strigosa (Thin-spiked Wood Sedge). There is the possibility to move on to visit the nearby River Eden valley, but only if time permits. Limited parking - 10 cars only. Book with Priscilla Nobbs: Priscilla Nobbs: Phone 01293 783071.

Sunday 17th August 2014 Branch Y and vistors Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury, Essex Leaders: Stephen Clarkson with Sue Grayston

Please meet at 10.30am in the car park at Coalhouse Fort at the end of Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury at TQ689 764. We shall be looking for Polypogon monspeliensis (Annual Beard-grass), Poa compressa (Flattened meadow grass) and Inula crithmoides (Golden Samphire) as well as Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane), Conium maculatum (Hemlock) and Datura stramonium (Thorn-Apple) for those who are interested in poisonous plants. If we are lucky we may also find X Agropogon lutosus (Perennial Beard-grass) and Agrostis stolonifera (Creeping Bent). There are the usual facilities but no shops so please bring your own lunch. During the summer there is often an ice cream van. Email Sue Grayston or Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or contact by telephone on 01473 823220.

Saturday 30th August Nailers Rough and other areas of Bradford. Leader B.A. (Jesse) Tregale

Meet at 10.30am Take the B6144 Haworth Road between Cullingworth and Bradford turn off north SE118355 onto Stoney Ridge Avenue after 300yds approx., pull-in and park SE118359 on the roadside just past the bend opposite the relict moorland on the right. Nailers Rough is a relict moorland between houses with interesting garden escapes including Sorbus mougeotii, (Vosges or Mougeot's Whitebeam) Veronica longifolia (Garden Speedwell), Persicaria anplexicaulis (Red Bistort) etc - also some wet area with Salix x mollissima (Hybrid Salix triandra x Salix viminalis) etc. Will visit other areas around Bradford depending on what's around and what people want to see. Can any-one wishing to come contact by email: Jesse Tregale or phone 01274 403703 Jesse Tregale 24 Ashbourne Drive, Bradford BD2 4AQ

Sunday 14th September Wheatfen (Ted Ellis Reserve), Surlingham, Norfolk. Leaders: Bill & Carol Hawkins

Workshop to look at Ferns. A full day course in aid of the Ted Ellis Trust. £15 per person. Booking essential. Contact David Nobbs (Warden) on 01508 538036.

Sunday 21st September 2014 Branch Y and visitors Morston Quay, Norfolk Leaders: Bill and Carol Hawkins

Meet at 10.30am at the car park (fee) TG007441 at Morston Quay for a late visit to the saltmarshes. Familiarisation and identification of Salicornia species will form the main thrust of the programme

Last week in October: Branch N3 Autumn Hunt To be arranged Julie Clarke

Tel on 01539 563504 or e-mail Julie Clarke

Saturday 25th October: Autumn Hunt Pagham, West Sussex Dawn Nelson and Jill Oakley

A Come and Find meeting to make the most of the last Saturday of October and the last day of British Summer Time. Meet in the car park at the south-eastern end of Sea Lane at the junction with The Parade, Beach Road and Sandy Lane (OS Landranger 197 SZ 890 973) at 10.00am. There are toilets nearby. Bring a packed lunch. Pagham has a variety of habitats and we should find some interesting species. Depending on the season we may move to a second site after lunch. There is the option, for those who wish, for an earlier short session before the main walk starting at 8.00am, but the leaders will need to know in advance if you intend to take advantage of this. For details please email Dawn Nelson or Jill Oakley or telephone 01730 266392.

Sunday 26th October: Branch Y Autumn One Day Hunt (formerly the Last Day Hunt) Framlingham, Suffolk Stephen Clarkson

Meet in ‘The Elms’ free car park on New Road, just off Bridge Street, Framlingham (TM282635) for a 10.30am start. Bring a packed lunch, although hopefully we can finish the day in one of the local cafes. The plan is to explore Framlingham Mere (a Suffolk Wildlife Trust site), followed by Framlingham Castle moat and grounds and then return via the local cemetery and town centre to see how many plants we can find still flowering at the end of the season. Contact Anne or Dennis Kell if you require any further details: 01473 730087 or Anne or Dennis Kell

Saturday 21st February 2015: Branch Y Stephen Clarkson's House Leader: Stephen Clarkson

This is a special INDOOR meeting to introduce the delights of John Poland's Vegetative Key. It will be held in my home for a maximum of strictly 12 people with a buffet style lunch (if people can provide food too this will help the day considerably !). Please bring a copy of the book along with high powered lenses, but there will be a few microscopes around to help too. For further details please contact Stephen Clarkson by email: Stephen Clarkson (be careful with the middle “el” and the “1”) or contact by telephone on 01473 823220.

Email addresses of Leaders 2014

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The Wild Flower Society is very grateful to all those who give their time and expertise when leading meetings. Offers to lead meetings will be gratefully received at any time. We particularly need leaders for one-day ones. In this case there is no need to be an expert or to show rarities. A variety of species in pleasant surroundings is all that is necessary.

Beginners are especially welcome at all meetings. Leaders and others in the group will be pleased to help them if they make themselves known.

Members who do not drive and who have difficulty reaching the starting point of either Main or One-day events should contact the leader.

Packed lunches are required unless otherwise stated and will often need to be carried.

Please DO NOT bring dogs to any meeting as some landowners do not like them on their property.

All those attending WFS Field Meetings do so at their own risk.

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